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Cloud Utility District (CloudD) is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) communications. With our platform, businesses instantly have access to a sophisticated back end infrastructure that allows for the real-time streaming of data from remote devices at scale.

Build Your Connected Products with Us

We give you the API's, back end platform, and device connectivity to develop powerful connected products and services. Build products and soutions like: the connected car, smart meters, fleet tracking, live audio and video broadcasting and communication, smart home applications, remote asset monitoring, push-to-talk, and more...

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Why IOT?

Build your connected products faster and at a lower cost with CloudD's IOT platform.

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How It Works

End-to-end IOT connectivity. Real-time telemetry data from connected devices.

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Real-time data, auto-provision devices, flexible data formats, scalability, user management.

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Scalable Platform for the Internet of Things

Cloud Utility District [CloudD] is a Platform-as-a-Service for the Internet of Things and Machine to Machine communication. Our platform gives your business a sophisticated back end infrastructure, enabling real-time communication and control of your remote assets, enterprise level scalability, and reliable performance.

Full-Stack IOT Platform

CloudD offers a complete communications stack with a web and mobile front end APIs, secure bi-directional communication back end platform, a powerful message and stream based processing architecture, and a hardware agnostic device agent that enables connectivity with any IP capable device.

Scalable, High Performance Platform

CloudD's IOT platform provides scalability, customer data partitioning, geographic diversity of servers, message-passing semantics, streaming data support, flexible data storage options, a novel HTTP control fabric for real-time node control, and powerful network data and routing functions.

What You Can Build with Our IOT Platform

CloudD's IOT platform allows you to easily build scalable and versatile connected products and services in virtually any industry. See some of the products that can be built with CloudD below:

End-to-End Connectivity:

Full-stack connectivity platform for connecting your devices and building connected products. CloudD provides the complete set of building blocks - front end APIs and dashboards, back end platform, and device connectivity.

Faster Development Process:

Eliminates the time and complexity it takes to develop your own platform for scalable device connectivity.

Enterprise Level Scalability:

Built to handle thousands of device connections and millions of simultaneous messages.

See What You Can Build

Smart Meters

Fleet Tracking

24/7 Monitoring


Home Security

Farming IOT

How the Platform Works

CloudD provides you with device connectivity, a scalable back end IOT platform, tools for managing and controlling your devices, and APIs to easily build connected products, apps, and IOT solutions.

Cross-platform software agent provides immediate IP connectivity with your devices.

CloudD is a full stack IOT platform with enterprise level scalability capabilities.

Configure, monitor, and control your devices through mobile and web-based dashboards.

Build: connected cars, remote monitoring, smart meters, elderly care, smart home, wearables, etc.

Platform Features

Get scalable connectivity, real-time data from your devices, user and device management tools, and development support.

A Complete End-to-End Solution

CloudD's IOT platform is a complete end-to-end solution for your IOT needs. We make it easy to connect and provision your devices, we give you a scalable back end platform, and we provide front end APIs to easily build apps and IOT products.

Remotely Auto-Provision Devices

Auto-provisioning enables the rapid, remote configuration of your devices, such as the assignment of device ID's, user ID's, device parameters, and software upgrades. Devices are remotely provisioned with your required parameters.

Powerful Scalability

Cloud Utility District's platform was built to scale to any sized project. Our scalable IOT platform supports multi-core processing, thread-load balancing, and is naturally lock-free.

Secure Data Pipeline

Data moving through the platform's pipeline is protected using SSL VPN (Secure Sockets Layer virtual private network), providing end-to-end encryption for user data. You control who has access to your data.

Built for High Bandwidth Streaming

We support live audio and video streaming, audio/video recording and storage, and video-based communication. Our high-bandwidth capability is ideally suited for powering projects such as police body-cameras, push-to-talk applications, live video streaming to a large audience, and video chat.

Device Agnostic

Any device that supports Internet Protocol (IP) can work with CloudD's platform. Through the use of an embedded software agent installed on devices that we call a CNode, sensor devices are made "generic" to the platform and can begin immediately relaying data to you.

Connected Products & Industries

CloudD and the Internet of Things can bring significant value to virtually any industry. See solutions in energy, transportation, the industrial sector, healthcare, the smart home, & agriculture.

See below how CloudD and the Internet of Things can help your industry:


Use Cloud Utilty District to monitor and control your smart meters, street lights, remote pipelines, energy assets, wind and solar installations.

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Track your fleet, improve traffic management, power police body cameras, improve your supply chain with end-to-end inventory tracking.

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Monitor factory conditions in real-time, use sensors to speed up production schedules, improve operational logistics.

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Elderly and in-home patient monitoring, activity tracking and sports data, medical and hospital logistics.

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Smart Home

Home security systems, HVAC remote monitoring and control, smart appliances, security cameras monitored and controlled over the internet.

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Remotely monitor crops and livestock from a tablet or mobile device, remotely monitor and control farming equipment.

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