Farming Automation: Use Cases

CloudD and Farming Automation

Build end-to-end IOT solutions to automate and remotely control farming processes. Sensors and CloudD's connectivity platform installed on farming vehicles and machinery can lead to improved efficiency, lower maintenance costs, lower labor costs, and better workplace safety. Sensors also allow farming operations to track in real-time remote assets like vehicles and livestock.

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1. Vehicle & Remote Asset Monitoring

With the IOT, farmers can remotely monitor their vehicles' locations from their phone or a website. IOT can also enable the automation of many farming processes involving vehicles, such as remotely controlling harvesting vehicles.


Real-Time Visibility & Control:

Vehicle and asset tracking gives you near real-time visibility into the location of vehicles and assets on your farm and the activities that these vehicles and assets are performing.

Lower Maintenance & Fuel Costs:

Tracking your vehicles' routes and idle time can lead to significant fuel cost savings. Vehicle tracking also enables you to track driver behavior and cut down on damaging use (such as aggressive driving behavior that can lead to high maintenance costs).

2. Livestock & Crop Monitoring

Being able to immediately determine the status (location, movement, etc.) of livestock can save farming operations a significant amount of money - farms will never lose track of their animals and know immediately if something is wrong with their health. Similary, IOT sensors can be used to monitor the status of your crops without having to physically visit them.


Never Lose Livestock:

Animals will never go missing. Farmers will be able to track their herds in real-time on a map on their phone or tablet.

Reduced Costs:

Lower costs to keep track of your animals. Healthier animals.

3. Automation

IOT enables farmers to automate and monitor key tasks in the farming process - planting, watering, crop monitoring, fertilizing, etc.

Indoor Farming: Use Cases

CloudD and Indoor Farming

Indoor farming is an exciting and growing field that will allow crops to be grown much closer to cities than in the past, eliminating expensive transportation costs from the cost-of-food equation.

To scale an indoor farming operation, remote control and automation is often necessary. CloudD's IOT platfom can provide this technology, allowing operators to control and monitor their farming processes through their mobile phone.

1. Automation

Sensors to monitor and control an indoor farming process will allow a small number of people to manage large crop growing operations. The IOT will also make it possible to automate growth "recipes" (growers will be able to select from a list of programs that will automatically run light and watering cycles for a particular vegetable/plant without any human input or expertise necessary).


Greater Efficiency:

Automate processes including watering cycles, harvesting, etc. Automated indoor farming can enable a handful of people (or even a single person) to grow a large amount of food on their own with ease and without requiring an enormous amount of land or expensive farming vehicles.

2. Crop Monitoring

Monitor the growth and health of your crops remotely with sensors and CloudD's connectivity platform.


Lower Costs, More Convenience

Remote monitoring will allow growers to keep track of their crops progress without having to physically visit.

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