Managed AMI Smart Meter Service

CloudD offers a completely managed AMI service. Meter connectivity is managed via a cellular communication module buried inside the meter. Bi-directional communication enables full control of meter functions such as service connect and disconnect, power usage, outage detection and software updates. Historical power usage data and customer data is stored in the cloud and accessed via web browser. The service is designed for the utility or coop seeking the benefits of an AMI system without the capital costs of purchasing a system, building and managing a data center, building and maintaining communication infrastructure, and the labor costs of an IT staff.

CloudD's AMI service leverages the investments made by cellular carriers in coverage, leverages carrier networking expertise, and levarages the investments made by large data center providers. CloudD builds on this infrastructure to offer a simpler and more cost-effective AMI service than is possible with the traditional AMI product. CloudD's system does not require a large upfront investment and can be rolled out at your rate.

Cellular meters can provide an enormous amount of data to you and your customers. Our system allows you to receive data readings from your meters as often as you'd like - weekly, daily, hourly, or faster. This data can be forwarded on to your customers so that they can track their usage and cost. When your customers know how much electricity they're using - on a daily basis - they can proactively manage their usage. Additionally, with many utilities now rolling out pre-paid plans, our service makes it possible to immediately notify customers when they are nearing the limits of their purchased electricity.


AMI as a Service

Our AMI as a Service product is a game-changer. It leverages cellular carrier infrastructure and modern secure data centers, with their scalable networking and computing infrastructure, to provide unprecedented efficiencies of scale to utilities and coops.

Meter Connectivity and Control

Our bi-directional meter connection provides the always-on access and control required by modern utilities. Your meter becomes another secure node on your network. Bi-directional connectivity allows you to send and receive messages to and from your connected smart meters at will. Get data from your meters as often as you want. Completely eliminate the need to roll a truck. Immediately know when and where an outage has occured. CloudD currently works with both GE and Landis & Gyr meters and is able to support other meters as requested. Don't settle for a low-bandwidth radio mesh network when you can have a cellular system.

No Data Center Required

No data center, no IT department, no expensive IT employees are needed to use our AMI service. No expensive radio towers or repeaters are needed to support a radio mesh network. The cellular carrier manages the network. We manage meter usage data and customer data at secure data centers.

Roll Out at Your Own Pace

Our system can be installed as slowly or as quickly as meets your needs. Your service costs are based on the number of active meters. Our system can be deployed without the need for a large upfront investment. Deploy as few or as many meters as you want when you want.

Pre-Pay Service

If customers are on a pre-pay plan they will be automatically notified when their accounts are running low and need to be replenished. Our system can automatically execute a service disconnect when the customer's funds are depleted and and immediately execute a service re-connect when customer funds have been replenished.

Billing and Power Usage Notifications

Notify customers of important information about their accounts through automated text messages and emails. If customers are on a pre-pay plan they will be automatically notified when their accounts are running low and need to be replenished.

Encourage Non-Peak Power Usage

Smart meters produce a great deal of useful information for both utilities and customers. Customers can time their electricity use to occur during non-peak hours.

4G LTE Technology

Our system works with the latest 4G LTE standards in wireless communication. Your meters will be equipped for the long-term.

How It Works

We install a 4G LTE cellular communication module in an electric meter. This module, together with Cloud Utility District's connectivity platform, enables real-time bi-directional communication with your meter hardware.


Simple Hardware Installation

4G LTE Cellular Board: A 4G LTE cellular board installed within your meters provides immediate cellular connectivity.

Software Agent Establishes Connectivity: We use an embedded software agent installed on the meter's cellular board to establish connectivity.


Connectivity and

Scalable Platform: Our platform was specifically designed for large scale projects, such as smart meter deployments.

Data Stored in the Cloud: Your customer data is stored and accessible 24/7 in the cloud (remote offsite servers that we manage).


Real-Time Power Usage Monitoring

Track and Control 24/7: Track customer power usage 24/7. Turn meters on and off and remotely control them over the internet.

Pre-Pay: We offer a web-based service that allows customers to pre-pay for their electricity. This is a managed, automated system, you don't have to do anything!

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