Device Connectivity

Work with virtually any sensor device, remotely provision your device network, and securely communicate with and control your network.

Software Agent (Firmware):

CloudD's platform works with virtually any hardware through the use of an embedded software agent installed on your devices. This software agent, which we call a Cloud Node (CNode), can be adapted to any hardware device that supports Internet Protocol (IP).

Over-the-Air Updates & Auto-Provisioning:

Auto Provisioning enables the rapid, remote configuration of your devices, such as the assignment of device ID's, user ID's, device parameters, and software upgrades. Devices are automatically provisioned with your required parameters and software upgrades "over the air." Data can immediately begin flowing from your devices without having to manually configure them.

Flexible Data Formats & Types:

Flexible data formats such as plain text records, XML and JSON objects, key-value pairs, binary data, and streaming data formats are supported. CloudD manages the wire-line protocol and associates your data with the appropriate processing component. CloudD can power your audio and video applications such as live audio and video communications. Custom formats are also supported.


Our platform is built to handle thousands of devices relaying millions of messages in real-time. This performance is achieved through the use of a multi-threaded message passing framework built using a software architecture called the Actor Model. In the past, this platform has been used to power communication technology at large telecommunication firms and government facilities.

Secure Connectivity:

Data moving through the platform is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which provides server authentication, client authentication, and encrypted communication between connected devices, servers, and clients. Web services are protected via HTTPS.

High Performance & Low Latency:

CloudD's platform is built using the Actor Model, a queue based, multi-threaded message passing framework. This architecture is naturally lock-free which means that performance does not suffer from lock contention nor does reliability suffer from dead-locks, giving rise to both high performance and reliable operation. With multi-core support, thread affinity, and integrated thread level load-balancing, our platform is ideally suited to the IOT and M2M worlds.

Legacy Device Support:

Integrate legacy devices with CloudD's IOT platform by using a CNode processing element to communicate with your legacy hardware. Practically any hardware interface can be supported and controlled via our CNode. Contact us directly for more information.

Real-Time Data & Control

Get real-time data from your devices, communicate with and control your devices, log your data.

Real-Time Data Visibility 24/7

With our platform, businesses can monitor and control their connected devices 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Get real time data from your sensor network - location, temperature, speed, electricity use, anything.

Bi-Directional Communication & Control

Get instant bi-directional communication with and control of your devices and sensors. Remotely control your connected devices from anywhere in the world - even cellular based devices. Communicate with your devices using your custom names.

Alerts Engine

Receive notifications via text message or email when certain parameters have been met. Automate your devices and network to perform tasks based on pre-defined rules. We support custom processing of your data. Contact us directly for more information.

Event Logging

Easily monitor data from your devices in real-time through web interfaces. All activities on the platform are logged and time-stamped, making for easy auditing. Flexible data logging formats are supported.

Users, Devices & Data

Easily manage your users and devices securely.

Manage Devices from Anywhere

Easily add and remove devices from your network using a simple device ID. Manage your live devices within districts (groups). Monitor and control your devices using web interfaces. Associate users with devices as needed.

User Authentication & Management

CloudD implements a Customer Information System (CIS) for each account. Add, remove, and authenticate users. Assign users to devices. Extend user services via custom data tables and processing as needed. Contact us directly for customized processing of user data and custom data tables.

Data Management

The data generated from your connected products and services can be stored where you prefer - either in on-premise data centers that your business manages or on servers managed by CloudD.

Development Support

We can help you bring any IOT product or service to life.

Web Interface

Access and monitor the data tables associated with your account in real-time using standard web tools. CloudD provides a PHP interface that supports specific data queries for maps and other dashboards elements. CloudD's standard sensor message simplifies processing your sensor data.

Device Support

A Cloud Node, or CNode, is CloudD's device agent. This agent requires POSIX and IP support. However, any device can use CloudD for connectivity and data reporting provided the message format adheres to CloudD's interface specifications. The standard HTTP POST is also supported.

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