GPS Fleet Tracking Overview

GPS fleet tracking allows businesses to keep track of their trucks and commercial vehicles 24/7. See your fleet displayed on a map in real-time, communicate with your drivers through an in-app chat, track driver hours, and save on fuel and maintenance costs.

Never Lose Track of Your Fleet

Know where your vehicles are and where they're headed 24/7. Vehicle location is displayed in real-time on a map viewed through your web browser or on your phone.

Save on Fuel and Maintenance Costs

Track the idle time of your vehicles, set the best routes for your fleet, and track driver behavior.

Track Driver Hours

Remotely log your drivers' hours. Comply with Hours of Service (HOS) regulations.

How It Works

How It Works

- Technical Snapshot -

We install Android tablets in your vehicles. These tablets are GPS and cellular equipped and can immediately begin relaying vehicle data to you through our app.


Tablet Installed in

Tablet Installation: We'll install the tablet hardware in your vehicles. These are Android tablets that provide cellular connectivity.


GPS Data Relayed Over Network

Vehicle Data: Location, speed, and communication data is sent from your vehicles over a cellular network to our mobile app and website.


View Thru Movile App or Web Page

Mobile App & Web Page: Know where your vehicles are, where they're headed, and what job they're on. Chat with your drivers through an in-app chat platform.

Key Features

24/7 GPS Location Tracking

Vehicle location is displayed on a map in real-time. See where your vehicles are and where they're going 24/7.

Text, Audio, and Video Chat with Drivers

Communicate with your drivers through one-on-one and group chat (text, audio, and video communication).

Route Tracking and History

See the routes that your vehicles have driven (past day, past week, etc). Optimize your routes to save time and fuel.


Fence in your vehicles to a particular area - when one of your vehicles leaves these areas (such as in the case of theft), you'll be immediately notified.

Idle Time & Driver Behavior

Track how long your vehicles are idling with their engines on - by reducing idle time, you save on fuel. Track driver behavior - speed, braking, acceleration, etc.

Track Hours Worked

Drivers can remotely log their hours on the job through the app.

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