Home Security: Use Cases

CloudD and Home Security

CloudD's IOT platform can provide end-to-end solutions to companies and developers looking to build "smart" home security products such as cloud-connected security cameras, alarm systems, and remotely controlled door and window locks. With these products, homes and businesses will be able to remotely monitor and control their security systems from anywhere.

Smart home security systems will allow homeowners to view live security camera video feeds on their phone, remotely lock and unlock their doors and windows from anywhere in the world, activate security alarms from a mobile device, and much more.

If you are a developer or company looking to implement or build a smart home security solution, contact us! We can greatly accelerate your time-to-market by providing you with the device connectivity, scalable back end paltform, and front end APIs needed to build reliable and professional solutions for this market.

1. Security Cameras

CloudD's IOT platform was designed for high-bandwidth audio and video data, making it perfect for companies and developers looking to build a cloud connected seccurity camera system. With such a system, users can monitor activities within their home or business from their mobile phone or a web-page.


Remotely Monitor Your Home or Business:

Monitor live activity in and around your house or business from anywhere.

Store Data in the Cloud:

Video data is stored in the cloud (on remote servers that CloudD can manage for you).

2. Alarm Security Systems

CloudD and the Internet of Things is all about connected sensors, which makes it a perfect fit for security systems. With IOT enabled sensors, users can easily self-install a security system that will immediately notify them on their phones when a break-in has occured and automatically record the perpetrators. Data from such a system is stored and made accessible remotely in the cloud, making it perfect for any home or business that doesn't want to deal with handling the data themselves.


Easy to Manage, Flexible Security System:

IOT enabled security cameras are easily installed and can broadcast their video feeds over cellular or wifi networks.

3. Door and Window Locks

With connected doors and windows, you'll now be able to lock and unlock your home or business with your phone. Such systems will also make it much easier to track who has entered and exited a building and who has access to certain areas - no more expensive key card systems, just a smart phone will be necessary.


Remotely Control Access:

Control door and window locks remotely with your phone or tablet.

Smart Appliances: Use Cases

CloudD and Smart Appliances

The advent of the internet of things means that home automation can now be affordably implemented on a large scale. Smart appliances will allow people to remotely control when a dishwasher is run, notify you when you're running low on certain food items, automate a coffee machine to run in the morning, and much more. Users of energy intensive appliances will also be able to coordinate their use with when electricity rates are cheapest (homeowners will receive real-time data from utilities with appliances set to automatically run when rates are low).

Contact us and we can help you easily build and implement products for this market.

1. Smart Appliances

Remotely monitor and control your appliance activities throughout the day from your phone or computer.

Smart appliances are poised to significantly impact the way households and businesses are run. Imagine being able to coordinate when your appliances perform important tasks with when electricity prices are at their cheapest for the day. A refrigerator notifying a restaurant or home when certain ingredients are running low.


Reduce Electricity Costs:

Reduce electricity costs by setting your appliances to automatically run when utility rates are at their lowest.

Monitor Items:

Appliances like your refrigerator will notify you when you're running low on certain food items.

Remote Control:

Remotely control your heating system from your phone or tablet.

Maintenance Notifications:

Automatic notification when an appliance requires maintenance.

HVAC: Use Cases

CloudD and HVAC

The remote monitoring and control of a home or building's heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems can lead to significant electricity savings and greater convenience for homeowners and building managers.

CloudD can help you build your connected HVAC system.

1. Water and Electricity Use Monitoring

Homeowners and businesses will be able to remotely monitor in real-time the amount of water and electricity they are using (and see exactly how much it's costing them at any time).


Real-Time Meter Monitoring:

Know in real-time exactly how much you're paying for your water and electricity use.

Remote Control:

Remotely control faucets, sprinkler systems, toilets, etc. from your phone or computer.

Save Money:

Save on your utility bill by coordinating your electricity use with when rates are lowest.

2. Responsive Temperature Control

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems will greatly benefit from the IOT. Users will be able to have heating systems automatically turn on when they're nearing their home, homeowners will be able to monitor whether they left the air conditioning running after they've left for a vacation, and businesses will be able to remotely monitor and remotely control the environmental conditions in their buildings with ease.


Remotely Monitor and Control:

Remotely monitor and control your heating and ventilation systems.

Save Money:

Save on electricity costs.

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