Connect Your Devices

Cross-platform software agent provides immediate connectivity with your devices. CloudD is a POSIX compliant platform and can support virtually any device type based on your needs.

Embedded Software Agent

Device connectivity is provided through the use of an embedded software agent that we call a Cloud Node (CNode). This agent establishes immediate connectivity (TCP/IP: cellular, wifi) with a wide variety of devices and sensors and can be installed and configured on your devices en masse and according to your requirements.

The CNode supports a variety of platforms, including Linux based devices and sensors, as well as Android, Windows, and Mac OS (for app development).

Connect Your Devices
  • Flexible Device Connectivity:
    Our software agent (CNode) establishes immediate connectivity with your devices and allows you to work with a vartiety of devices and platforms. Our connectivity agent (CNode) is optimized for Linux based devices/sensors but we can support other platforms as well.

  • Real-Time Data from Your Devices:
    With CloudD's flexible device connectivity agent you can build and get real-time data from applications like: the connected car, smart meters, wearables, livestock monitoring, remote asset monitoring, production monitoring and control, smart appliances, etc.

  • Auto-Provision Your Devices, Upgrade "Over-the-Air":
    CloudD enables you to provision your devices remotely "over-the-air."

  • Cross-Platform Support:
    Mobile app connectivity - we support Android, iOS, and Microsoft

CloudD Connectivity Platform

Start collecting data from your connected devices immediately. CloudD is a full stack, end-to-end IOT platform with powerful scalability.

End-to-End Connectivity Platform

CloudD efficiently processes the telemetry data from your devices. CloudD is a full stack IOT platform with a web/mobile services front-end, secure bi-directional server-side backend, a powerful message and stream based processing architecture, and a hardware agnostic device agent.

The platform provides scalability, API controls, customer data partitioning, geographic diversity of servers, message-passing semantics, streaming data support, flexible data storage options, a novel HTTP control fabric for real-time node control, and powerful network data and routing functions.

Full Stack IOT Platform
  • All Data Formats & Types:
    Flexible data formats such as plain text records, XML and JSON objects, key-value pairs, binary data, and streaming data formats are supported. Telemetry data, audio and video streaming. Temperature, location, speed, kilowatt hours, any sensor data.

  • Front End User Interfaces (Dashboards):
    We give you web and mobile based dashboards to interact with and control your devices and data.

  • APIs to Build Your Connected Products:
    Leverage the power of our platform and quickly build reliable connected products with our API library.

  • Scalability:
    CloudD's backend infrastructure was built to handle thousands of connected devices and millions of simultaneous messages.

  • Secure Connectivity:
    End-to-end encryption through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

Manage & Control Your Devices

Configure, monitor, and control your devices through mobile and web-based dashboards.

Monitor and Control Your Devices

Devices can be remotely upgraded with the latest firmware or required configuration, remotely enabled and disabled through mobile and web-based user interfaces, and device dashboards make it easy to add, remove, and monitor users and devices on your network.

Get insight into your end user behavior, how your devices are being used, integrate your device data with third-party analytical tools.

Manage Your Devices
  • Control Your Devices:
    Configure, enable, and disable your devices remotely.

  • Remotely Upgrade Firmware:
    Over-the-air "firmware" upgrades and customization - your devices can be easily upgraded and reconfigured remotely and will always remain up-to-date.

  • Device & User Management:
    Manage your live devices within districts (groups), monitor and control your devices through mobile and web-based UI's. Add and remove devices, device ID's, and approved users through web and mobile dashboards.

Build Your IOT Apps and Solutions

Build connected products with our end-to-end platform. We give you all the necessary tools for you to realize your IOT goals.

Quickly Build Connected Products

With front end APIs, a powerful back end architecture, and device connectivity, CloudD's IOT platform is ideally suited for building robust connected products quickly and securely. We provide everything you need to build your solution.

Power your connected car applications, health and fitness wearables, monitor remote assets in the field, automate your production process, connect your smart meters.

Flexible, Scalable, Secure IOT Platform
  • Full Stack Platform:
    Front end APIs, back end server-side architecture, scalability, and device connectivity

  • Save Time and Money:
    Developing your own IOT infrastructure is a costly and complex task. With CloudD, you gain instant access to a complete IOT infrastructure.

  • No IT Infrastructure Costs:
    We manage and store your device data in the cloud.

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