CloudD IOT Platform:

CloudD's IOT platform is a one-stop-shop for your IOT needs. We provide you with all of the necessary tools to connect any IP capable device and stream real-time data from those devices to the cloud and mobile/web-based dashboards/UIs.

With CloudD's IOT platform, build products like:

  • Smart Meters
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Connected Car
  • Remote Monitoring & Control
  • Wearables (Fitness, In-Home Care, etc)
  • Livestock Monitoring, Farming Automation
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With CloudD's IOT platform, easily build connected products like fleet tracking and connected car apps.

Benefits: CloudD's IOT Plaform

Faster & Lower Cost IOT Development:

Eliminate the time and complexity it takes to develop your own connectivity platform in-house. CloudD is a one-stop-shop for your IOT needs, giving you front end APIs, back end connectivity, and proven scalability.

Up and Running with a Few APIs:

Build your connected products on our platform using a few simple APIs. Developers using CloudD's IOT platform are freed up to concentrate on user experience.

Concentrate on User Experience:

With device connectivity, back end infrastructure, and frontend APIs taken care of, developers using CloudD can focus on creating innovative user experiences instead of getting bogged down in networking and device connectivity issues.

Scalable Software Architecture:

CloudD was specifically designed with large scale device deployments in mind (thousands of devices relaying millions of messages). To achieve this, CloudD uses a queue based, multi-threaded message passing framework similar to the Actor Model. The architecture supports both high rates of incoming data connections and individual connections with sustained high data rates.

Data Stored in Cloud:

No need for your own data center. We store and manage your data, allowing you to quickly scale as your user base and data needs grows.

Flexible Data Processing:

CloudD provides a generic sensor device message that supports a flexible data format. This standard sensor device message format enables CloudD to support a wide variety of devices and requirements easily. Custom formats are also supported and their associated processing components.

Flexible Device Connectivity:

A software agent installed onto devices can be auto-provisioned and remotely upgraded "over-the-air" to remain always updated with your latest requirements.

Platform Overview

We give you the API's, back end platform, and device connectivity to develop powerful connected products and services. Build products and soutions like: the connected car, smart meters, fleet tracking, live audio and video broadcasting and communication, smart home applications, remote asset monitoring, push-to-talk, and more...

End-to-End IOT Connectivity

CloudD is a full-stack connectivity platform. It provides the complete set of building blocks necessary for businesses to connect, monitor, and control their IOT products and services.

End-to-End IOT Platform:

Front end APIs and web tools, back end server side platform and device connectivity.

Real-Time Data:

Enables real-time data streaming from connected sensors and mobile devices such as tablets and phones.

Faster Development Process:

Build your connected products on our platform using a few simple APIs.

Secure Connectivity

Data moving through the platform is protected using SSL VPN (Secure Sockets Layer virtual private network), providing end-to-end encryption for user data.

128 Bit SSL Encryption:

End-to-end encryption, from the device to the user. Data is never exposed.

User and Device Authentication:

Authenticate your users, authenticate devices (with device ID's).

Enterprise Level Scalability

No need to worry about developing backend server-side code that can scale as you grow. CloudD gives you a backend platform that was specifically designed for large scale projects.

Handle Millions of Messages:

Built to handle thousands of device connections and millions of simultaneous messages.

Reliable Performance:

Platform opimitized for high performance and reliable message passing operations.

Multi-Core Support:

Multi-core support, thread affinity, and thread load balancing.

Hardware Agnostic

The CloudD platform works with any IP capable device. Devices can also be remotely configured and upgraded, providing enormous flexibility and "future-proofing."

Device Connectivity Agent:

Firmware installed on devices provides immediate device connectivity.

"Over-the-Air" Auto Provisioning:

Upgrade and configure thousands of devices remotely. No manual configuration required.

Integrate Old & New:

Run devices on our platform alongside legacy systems. Integrate with existing analytical tools.

Audio & Video Streaming

CloudD can be the backbone platform for your high-bandwidth data needs, such as live video and audio broadcasting and communication applications.

Built for High-Bandwidth Data:

CloudD's platform can handle all data types, including audio and video.

Broadcast Live Audio & Video:

Power live audio and video connected products and applications with our platform.

Video & Audio Communication:

Build audio and video based communication apps such as push-to-talk.


We can accomodate your specific project requirements such as data storage preferences, integration with existing analytical tools and applications, and other custom requirements.

Accomodate Any Sized Project:

Big or small, our platform can handle it all.

Analytical Tools:

Device data on our platform can be directed into your existing analytical software tools.

Store Data in the Cloud or Your Own Servers:

If you don't want us to handle your data management needs, we can easily have your data stored in your own data center.

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