Time Tracking App Overview

Save on paperwork and administrative costs, stay in touch with your employees 24/7, and keep accurate payroll records.

Remotely Log Your Employees' Hours

Eliminate the need for filling out hourly logs by hand, with the app an employee can log and send their hours remotely from any location.

Communicate with Your Employees

In-app one-on-one and group chat (text and audio). Easily notify your employees of job locations. Send and receive important documents.

Reduce Administrative Costs

No need for complicated paperwork. Receive employee hours electronically and easily manage overtime calculations.

Key Features

Log Hours, Break-Time, Overtime

Easily keep track of your employees' regular and overtime hours. Records are stored in the cloud and easily accessible on your phone and through the web.

Text, Audio, and Video Chat

Communicate with your employees through one-on-one and group chat (text, audio, and video communication). Text chat records stored for easy access later.

Send/Receive and e-Sign Documents

Send important documents to your employees that can be accessed and read within the app. Sign important documents with e-signatures.

Delegate and Track Job Assignments

Easily assign job assigments to your remote employees. Track when jobs are completed.

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