What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IOT) is a concept in which everyday objects - vehicles, smart meters, wearable devices, thermostats, machinery, traffic lights, police body cameras, anything you can think of - are equipped with sensors to form a network through which they can comunicate with each other and relay useful information to users. Data from these sensors can be relayed over cellular or wifi networks and can be stored and managed on remote servers (cloud computing) and accessed through mobile (apps), web (dashboards), or desktop (software tools) front end.

With CloudD's IOT platform build products and services like: Fleet tracking, smart meters, remote asset tracking, automated farming and livestock monitoring, smart home appliances, police body cameras and security cameras, elderly and in-home care and monitoring, live audio and video streaming., and production monitoring and automation. See some more examples of uses cases on our Industries page, which includes Energy, Transportation, Industrial, Health, Smart Home, and Agriculture.

CloudD Simplifies a Complex Task

While the concept of the Internet of Things is simple, implementing IOT solutions can be a complicated task. For instance, building your own back end infrastructure that enables device connectivity and scalability (+100,000 devices) is a process that can take years to get right. With CloudD, all of the components for building an IOT solution are provided to you ready to go - device connectivity (our platform can connect any device that supports Internet Protocol (IP)), scalable back end platform (CloudD provides enterprise level scalability and reliability), data management in the cloud (remote servers), and front end control and management. With CloudD you can build connected products and services at a much faster rate and with greater reliability and performance than if you were to do everything yourself.

The Impact of IOT

Just as the internet revolutionized the way people communicate and find information, so too will the Internet of Things revolutionize the way people and businesses interact with everyday objects and processes. Businesses that have traditionally had to manually monitor and control assets in the field - manufacturing plants in far flung locations, inventory in warehouses and retail stores, fleets of vehicles, health monitoring devices, security devices, etc. - will now be able immediately monitor, coordinate, and remotely control these assets from mobile apps on their phones or from web based dashboards.

Benefits of IOT: For Business

Get real-time data and insight from your devices 24/7. With CloudD's IOT platform you can build solutions for the fleet tracking industry, remotely monitor inventory levels and production schedules, build smart meter networks, and more.

Real-Time Visibiltiy & Control

Monitor and control your connected devices 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Get real time data from your devices - location, temperature, speed, electricity use. Monitor fleets of vehicles, manufacturing processes, remotely control smart meters, build wearable devices.

Time & Cost Savings:

Remotely detect flaws, anticipate failures with predicitive maintenance, operate remote machinery and assets at the most optimal level. Avoid having to manually monitor the status of your remote assets in the field.

Benefits of IOT: For Individuals

Connected devices in the home and wearable devices will allow consumers to more easily and conveniently control their appliances, heating systems, and security systems.

Control & Convenience:

Remotely control appliances in the home, coordinate appliance use with low electricity rates. Remotely control door locks and garage doors with your phone.

Efficiency & Cost Savings:

IOT solutions like electricity use monitoring will allow households to save on their electricity bill. Connected car products and apps will lead to lower fuel usage.

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